You have to grow
Even growing means
cutting a stem and
planting the same ,
There was no rain so
even thinking everything
you did was in vain ,
Even you have to go to rot
and fall down during autumn ,
Even you have to spurn from
new branches to be a
flower first you have
to be the bud ,
Sometimes you grow into
wild shrubs ,
Sometimes grow into
healing herbs ,
To grow and realize
significance timber
out of chestnuts tree ,
Sometimes you will be
compromised to keep
habitat evergreen ,
Sometimes the scrap of you
is of great importance ,
Helding high touching sky as
soon as eucalyptus ,
Even being reaped from
Earth but so frail that wild
air and Earth can’t grip us ,
You will fall there all ended ,

Sometimes it is intended.
Sometimes growth means
growing all apart

Thank You for reading!


Know my mind is
a closed cage ,
I am bounded by
your invisible chains ,
I tried to run I know
this would hurt ,
Cracks in the walls
but no light gets in ,
Maybe you were
never what you
showed maybe I
was imagining ,
What was my crime
to get punished ,
this brutally ? ,
But you never
really held me how
to ask you to
release ? ,
but it went wrong ,
I stepped on false
stone ,
I never knew worst
is yet to come ,
While I have set
myself free yet
I feel imprisoned.

Maybe it wasn’t
the chains ,
I needed to cut
the roots ,
Maybe I put you
on pedestal you
had no choice
to keep me on
your shoes ,
You kept me in
the dark you
thought I won’t
wished for the
sky ,
I know I can’t run
but never thought
I could fly ,
but it turned from
the heaven to
catastrophe ,
but it went wrong ,
I stepped on the
false stone ,
I always knew
deep that worst
was yet to come ,
But one day , I will
free myself yet
I feel imprisoned.

Thank you for reading!

Lost Song ( Revisiting childhood )

Woke up , early ,
mama asked take
only two candies ,
I spinned across the room ,
I got tired easily ,
I fall asleep on the
bed peacefully ,
Now I can’t make mistakes
I can’t be wrong ,
I remember music in my
heart but crave for that
lost song.

I have watched this movie
a hundred times ,
I was saying the dialogues
speaking between the lines ,
I once believed in sparkly
things and fairytales ,
I made a painting knowing
I am not that great ,
I felt on the ground from
bed I thought I had huge wings ,
The kingdom was mine
sometimes I was the most
desirable queens ,
That is a place I belong
I belong ,
I remember music in my
soul but I crave for the lost song.

Bare feet running on
the ground ,
I played with the colour now
I am praying to lord not to
get found ,
I miss the mischief ,
Sometimes I was innocent
sometimes I was thief ,
There is former house at
the old lane ,
I still call it home ,
There is feeling that
I long I long ,
I remember the music
in my soul but I crave for
the lost song.

Thank You for reading !

Curious Painter

Golden tint over my
canvas ,
An artist is nothing besides
his madness ,
Wrote you a sonnet , wrote
you a poem wrote you
many stanzas ,
My words could never
do fair play for you ,
Aesthetically ,
World applauds my
art but for you I am
always curious painter.

The north star in my
constellation ,
The protagonist in my
every imagination ,
Sketch of your remnants
in my every adaptation ,
It’s your glimmering light
that makes void in my
pages spark ,
Your spilled colors you
think is messy it makes
my most admired art ,
There are countless pages
where I have stopped
writing further ,
Never putting fullstop
commas one after
another ,
In despair ,
many of us have that one
unsung tale ,
Yet I get tint of gold
whenever I dwell into
your details ,
Sometimes sharing
you to the world makes
me feel like a traitor ,
World stood admiring
you but I sat and wondered
like curious painter.

Tried drawing you with
words his silent lips those
unfathomable eyes ,
Made countless attempts
again and again had
rigorous practice ,
Saw the random words
deposited on paper
thought I could never
do him justice ,
I am miser painter
who chooses not
to use her favourite
color ,
I am negligent pianist
who only hits that one
note upright which she
as child discovered ,
Your possession on
my art I am running
from your ghost still
in your reflection on
my paper appeared
a little fainter ,
World will always
admire you closely
modestly you would
spot me in corner
occasionally looking
at you like bewitched
wondering like curious

Thank You for reading !


I had to keep going. Penning down several poetries now and then. Seems like I am wasting too much of time in it. I have my second year exams which I am not taking seriously so I need a proper break of two months till my exams are over because I am scrolling through wordpress . This app they have people like me who have same interests as me. i.e. writing. I need time for my self study which I actually forget count when I am using it . I promise you regular update after my exams are over. I am sorry.

Thank You.


That’s the game of
evolution Darwin said
Only to survive would
be the one who is
fittest ,
The one who does the
charity ,
Thinks he can replinsh
rules of society ,
Whether that’s massacre
all over there is
bloodshed ,
The one to suffer more is
never the power holding
man ,
Thinks he can stop the
disaster but discovers
his own made calamity ,
Build big skyscrapers
But stoops low each time
to bring more shame on
humanity ,
Could have done million
of things with that mind ,
They mask it under dirty
politics and brings down

Everything’s fair in love
and war ,
How did you not find
child’s laughter pure ? ,
He thinks his father
is daily wage worker ,
He is to tender to
understand he got
killed in mass
murder ,
His mother laid beside
him her soul leaving
her body ,
She was to a daughter
to somebody ,
He will be sitting there
not leaving her mother
on the roadside ,
Tell me how to explain
the child meaning of
geopolitical ugly game how
to explain him genocide ,
How to fight them all
when they are combined ? ,
They will write history
with his lost innocence
bring back shame to

The countries will
be bringing the aid ,
They will trade women’s
body for the bread ,
There once a history
resided no it left with
no trace ,
Now only photographs
evident before everything
got ruined turned
into carcass ,
Each time they all
come in hopes of
better opportunities ,
Before they all end it
into man made
calamity ,
They build missiles ,
bombs and machine
guns most intelligent
creatures built their
own death traps ,
History’s evident this
has happened and will
keep happening abridging gap ,
Only to some other
countries in some
order conditions under
different states ,
Even seeing the
catastrophe even
devil joined his hands
and prayed ,
They will be keep making
mistakes of the kind ,
Nothing ever learns is human
Sometimes it’s shameful to
be one of mankind .

Thank you for reading!

End March Rain

I wore the old cardigan
it has started to snow ,
Now I see the April
sun starting to approach ,
and I see a guest arriving
at my door ,
I saw the black clouds
in the sky I saw blaring
storm ,
As a lover of snow ,
It gives me endless
hope ,
It gives me the moment
joy and endless pain ,
Nothing gives hopes
like End March Rain.

It rained ,
I saw around the lush
greenry ,
It was nothing like
snow it it never
promised it serenely,
It hide the sun before
working hours and
stole the afterglow ,
It promised me only
of the rainbow ,
It never promised
me smell of snow ,
It did promised me
petrichor ,
Maybe I will have
warm feeling gazing out
of the window in my
quilt ,
It says it will bring life
to the wilt , As lover of snow ,
I knew I was running
insane ,
Nothing gives hope like
End March Rain.

Untrustworthy , it turned
to be behind the thick fog ,
It was it’s game it was
all hoax ,
It rained but it shredded
roots of wilt ,
As lover of snow I trusted
it now I have unforgiven guilt ,
It brought muddy footsteps
on the ground ,
Closing the window was
other way around ,
Only few lines of thunderlights
but it stole the afterglow ,
It was never weather so
it will be sunny tomorrow
it was all beautiful Illusion ,
As lover of snow ,
It saw me needy it saw
me vulnerable ,
So that’s why I was it was
moment of joy and endless
pain ,
Some people are like End
March Rain.

Thank you for reading!

Papertowns ( poetry fantasizing about person )

In my story love conquers all ,
It was warm spring it came
down to fall ,
With you in my mind I have
crossed the bridges and
miles I have traveled ,
I hung in the air still
keep building the castle ,
I am in hope some other
way some other day ,
You will go and unwilling
I have started the countdown ,
If you visit the lakes visit
my papertowns.

There are no hope there are
no promises ,
There is a longing of the play
acted is what I am missing ,
I am in your magical existence
you don’t even know it keeps
me on the fire ,
I think it’s not you it’s my
fantasty town I desire ,
It’s not your fault I should
pulled the bridge before you
crossed ,
Fool to think flames
wouldn’t reach me if
I keep the door locked ,
Now I see it all go down ,
Now I will see it all burdown ,
See around I have burned
everything to keep alive my

It’s just cold like you ,
Wondering what I put
myself through ? ,
Now flowers blossom here ,
No nightingale sings ,
There is a particular view
from the window that
I cling , I cling ,
The papertown burned
in the summer ,
Could never survive
the winter ,
I hope and hope what
spring might bring ,
Can’t seemed to fly
with the paperwings ,
I can’t let him go he
was lead actor in
my daydreams ,
You ryhme in my poetry
I get weigh down down ,
If you ever came to meet
me again I will tell
you about my papertown.

Papertown is poetry about how hard it is to let go the idea of perfect relationships or perfect one and only that you keep dreaming about. That some people are better off as fantasy.

Thank You for reading!

The one that got away

They call me one that got away
Like I was their hero ,
Like I was first sun ray ,
Like they did everything
in their power to make
their hero win ,
They like allow me to
touch like first sun ray
deep into under their skin ,
They call me one that got away ,
Like they never made me
feel like I would be replaced ,
It is simple I cared more when
they did care very less ,
When they didn't ask me to
leave but never asked me to stay ,
They don't even remember their
sins but I was not the first one
to betray ,
They often say to people about my
glory ,
Everyone is hero in their story ,
If you want to listen mine come
this way ,
A sincere request from one that
got away.

Thank You for reading !

Reverie ( Poetry about letting go of your dreams )

I hit the note perfectly ,
Can’t help myself from falling for
something most ardently ,
I tried hard failed even worst
I tried to run from the window
down the street ,
My own forte felt like
foreign aesthete ,
Aside the lake behind
all the colourful flowers ,
I know I know I have
wasted days I can not
let go at the night hours ,
You know it’s sad tragedy ,
I have to let go my muse my reverie.

We had to play the perfect
note by one – by – one ,
I was thinking about my
everlasting love ,
I do have regrets but
I am mid of an orchestre ,
A thought came up almost
alluring completely out of this world ,
I went to the moon using
the ladder ,
Lake was left dry and colourful
flowers never grew because
unscented flowers invaded ,
But wrote the verse and I won the charade ,
I wrote the verse and I won the charade ,
Slowly I was brought back to reality ,
It felt in vain it felt forgone ,
My soul losts it’s music to
conductor’s baton ,
It wasn’t end it was start of all
the unending misery ,
When you let go your muse ,
Let go the reverie.

Thank You for reading !

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